About Drew Elias Lopez

Chef Drew Elias Lopez

Raised in a kitchen with a strong Italian influence, my passion for food caught on very early in life. This passion led to the desire and drive to pursue a career in the culinary arts.

Having opened four restaurants and worked within the industry for 16 years, I am a well-rounded, experienced cook who prides myself on creativity and professionalism. With a dedicated work ethic and a positive focused attitude, any standard old event turns into a memorable occasion.

Although my schooling and years of experience can speak volumes for my training, I find that it is my passion for the creation that really ignites my talent. I may be prompt, professional, and learned, but you will find that the zest for food ingrained within will have me bouncing around your kitchen with a big, big grin on my face.


Born a cook; transformed into a chef!


Although my family descent is both Latin and Italian, my culinary education background is Classical French. I find that fusing these vintage, time-honored elements with 'what's hot' in the industry today not only gives me an edge in the marketplace, but allows the creativity of cooking to flow at its best, resulting in astonishing flavors and stunning new dishes.

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